Inside Voices at the Victoria & Albert Museum

This is a short documentary film about a week-long performance I gave at the V&A in June 2015 as part of my Artist Residency there. For six days, for three hours a day, I sat inside a Victorian plaster replica of an ancient Roman column and played short concerts of Baroque music for one person at a time.

Ferrabosco: Two Corants for lyra viol (fhfhf)

This was filmed in London in March 2013, and is an excerpt from a short film by Samuel Dowd. Read more about this project here. And if you want to see me doing the washing up, drinking coffee pensively, and talking about the viol, you can watch the whole ten-minute short film here.

Rognoni: Diminutions on Ancor che col partire (LIVE)

This live video comes from a show I did with electronic musician Valgeir Sigurðsson in Basel in February 2013. It was the first tour I did with Valgeir and we were playing all his music, but while we were on the road we decided we needed more repertoire to play. So I sent him the score to Ancor che col partire, and Valgeir made this beautiful electronic realisation of the madrigal, on top of which I play the diminutions published by Riccardo Rognoni in 1592. This was one of the first performances, but we’ve done many since and a recording is coming out soon.

Damon Albarn: ‘Apple Carts’ Live on Jools Holland

This is one of the songs from Damon Albarn’s opera Dr Dee, performed here in a live version we did for the BBC programme Later… with Jools Holland. Read more about this project and listen to more tracks here.

Valgeir Sigurðsson: Erased Duet/Reverse Erased (LIVE)

This is another video from our show at Parterre in Basel, February 2013.

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