Opera Erratica for the Metropolitan Museum

celestina1I’m very excited to be taking part in a new project with Opera Erratica called Celestina, commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Basically it’s an installation piece in a courtyard with 10 sculptures, each of which will have its own speaker channel. It’s scored for ten singers and me (because one statue is holding a string instrument) and is a collaboration between composer Matt Rogers and sound designer Seamus Fogarty. Matt has written lots of cells of musical information that are acting like a kind of sonic tool kit for Seamus to play with. And I’ve had a lot of fun working closely with both of them to get all sorts of weird and wild things out of the viol, as is becoming my wont. Yesterday we spent 7 hours in a studio getting it all down, and in the coming weeks the guys will be making a lot of magic happen. The installation runs at the Met in March, and you can read more about it here.